Curated Random Games

After noticing that I actually had never done a proper website from the ground up, where apart from the design of it I would also plan and develop the back end with PHP, AJAX and MySQL. The big problem here was finding something that was worth going through all this work for, after looking at a bunch of APIs and not finding anything too interesting, I decided to settle on making an aggregator that would make finding indie and lesser known games on the Steam store easier.

This comes from a place of need, since the Steam store has been flooded with thousands of low quality products in the past few years, making it extremely hard to find anything worth playing. The idea was good, and it’s definitely something that is needed however I completely misjudged the amount of work something like this would have required.

While I was able to knock out the back end fairly quickly, managing to make a working prototype in slightly less than a week, I then realised that I had no content to input into the database. In my rush to make something that worked for practice, I completely forgot that I would need actual data to make the whole thing work.

After that I decided to put the project on the back burner for a while as I play through indie games on Steam, consistently adding to the database.
In looks the page isn’t very pretty, mostly because it’s still not done, but everything is perfectly functional.

I came back to it a few months later when I realised that adding entries through PHPmyAdmin was extremely annoying and was limiting how easily I could add new content to it. This brought me to create an administration page that would connect to my WordPress installation, check for an admin login and return me to the administration page.

This was incredibly effective in streamlining the process of adding and editing new entries thanks to its simple, yet effective, interface.

The site can be accessed at