Fairy Tail Guild Theme

This was actually my first-ever experience with a community that became active and popular. The theme was Fairy Tail, a manga that I loved at the time. Here I met lots of people that later became my internet-friends.

The whole forum was based on editing and translating manga releases, since the manga wasn’t available in italy yet. We had a little text-based GDR and we also subbed some episodes in italian.

On the footer you can see that we only had 40.000 total visits, but we didn’t stay open a lot of time, and in a place like Forumcommunity.net, that many visits were pretty good. At the end we decided to close everything down since I wanted to move on to something else and the other admins had just lost the initial interest in the manga.

Making this theme was hard, Forumcommunity is a free hosting site that lets you create a forum at no cost, and. I believe the software it’s using is an old and heavily modded version of IPB 1.2.

The main problem was that they didn’t let you edit the templates, so you really need to make everything with little CSS tricks. And I have to say I’m really happy with the outcome. Please keep in mind that the theme is really old, and some of the images or templates changed since then. I tried to fix everything wrong, but there could still be some broken stuff.

Fairy Tail Guild