Final Concept








To understand why the interface looks like this it’s necessary to expand a bit on the game itself. Essentially the game is about collecting amiibo-like figurines in the real world like a Trading Card Game, and then using them to fight other characters that collect them. The game’s concept is built around being child friendly.

The gameplay itself is essentially divided in two parts. One where the player explores the overworld and interacts with other characters and a second one where the player battles NPCs. What can be found on this page is limited to the battle part of the game which I thought was the more interesting of the two to develop. To know more about the gameplay, I expanded upon it in the first blogpost on this page [link].

This is the main reason the GUI is displayed inside of an in-game item, think of it as a sort of phone the characters use inside the game. This phone works a lot like a Pokedex, it contains general information and it can be used to interact with the world. Doing the interface this way adds style to the game itself and allows for a lot of creativity within the game’s universe itself.

I have yet to prototype the interface in motion but it was built from the ground up to support slide inputs AND tap inputs. The player can slide through the turn order or slide horizontally over the [Move] and [Attack] inputs to select them. Of course both the turns and the inputs can be simply tapped too, I just think it’s a good idea to leave the player the option to use both.

There’s still a lot that can be done with the interface. Having more concepts of the in-game phone will definitely help improving the interface itself. But for now I think it’s a good enough point to stop. I’m very happy with the design process and in how little time this interface came to exist.