Minecraft Italia Theme Collection

This post is a collection of themes/templates and sites that I created while managing Minecraft Italia site that I started in 2010 and that ended up becoming the #1 community for the game in italy.

I present them here in chronological order.

I had some problems with Mybb’s templates, since they were, and still are, pretty old. But trying to get around these limitations and still manage to make something good was an incredible exercise.

When the theme was released, black and green became the “official” colours for the site, and I ended up using them more times later.

Unfortunately, as of 12/02/2014, I don’t have a live demonstration for this theme in particular.Opaque Mine

I kept the previous theme I made for a lot of time, I had received so little complaints that I really didn’t see a need to make another theme. But, when people started asking for something more “colourful” for the summer, I tried doing something different.

What came out was a really flashy-looking theme, that used almost the same already modified templates I had made for the old “theme, but had a slightly different header and colors. It still was pretty basic, but it had a good reception among users and did well for the summer. If I remember correctly, the site ended up having half of the users using the old theme and the other half using this new one.

As for the older theme, I don’t have a live version of this theme online.

Minecraft italia summer

It took some time getting used to IPB’s very, very different templates and in the meantime I needed a theme for the new forum. The only way I was sure to make something everyone enjoyed was remaking the most loved theme for the old Forum.

After this decision it all came down to editing templates and fix everything I didn’t like. In less then 2 weeks I had already finished, and the users loved it.

Here’s a backup link on “The Internet Time Machine”. Since then IPB has made lots of updates to their forum software and the original theme is no more available on the main site.

Minecraft Italia – Opaque Mine Remix

After updating to IPB, the site was missing an homepage and IP.Content, a similar feature to Mybb’s Portal, was 50€. So, instead of spending the money I tried doing something on wordpress, and in this case there were tons of plugins that allowed me to post any thread posted on the Forums, directly into the CMS.

Since then, the plugin got discontinued, and the main page was taken down to use something better integrated. So, the only link I have is this backup on “The Internet Time Machine”. Please note that the main menu’s links didn’t look like that, apparently the site I’m using to show it to you has some problems with @font-face and doesn’t display it right.

Minecraft Italia Homepage

This is the final theme I made for Minecraft Italia before I decided to leave the administration of the site to someone else to focus on studying and getting into university.

The theme comes with a header image switcher, and the easy and simple patterns used for the sections make it really simple to customize thorough the year.

Here you can see how it was in its first days:

Minecraft Italia Final Theme

And here, you can see how they updated it after I was gone:

Minecraft Italia