Minecraft Summer Theme

Another theme for my site, “Minecraft Italia”, more colourful and made just for the summer.

I kept the Opaque Mine Theme on for a lot of time, I had received so little complaints that I really didn’t see a need to make another theme. But, when people started asking for something more “colourful” for the summer, I tried doing something different.

What came out was a really flashy-looking theme, that used almost the same already modified templates I had made for the old “Opaque Mine”, but had a slightly different header and colors. It still was pretty basic, but it had a good receipton among users and did well for the summer. If I remember well, the site ended up having half of the users using the old theme and the other half using this new one.

As for the older theme, I don’t have a live version of this theme online.

Minecraft italia summer