Opaque Mine Theme

Minecraft Italia, was the first thing I ever started just on my own. It was early 2011, and I dind’t really believe it could become anything more than the other sites I had worked on. I started out with close to no experience in managing an hosting or installing a forum software, but by the end of 2011, I transfered the forum from PhpBB to Mybb and made the first fully customized skin I ever worked on.

The site, by now, was already doing great, and it had already surpassed by far everything else I had ever made. I started meeting more people, having much more staff to control and it was just the best thing to do.

I had some problems with Mybb’s templates, since they were, and still are pretty old. But trying to get around these limitations and still manage to make something good was an incredible exercise.

When the theme was released, black and green became the “official” colours for the site, and I ended up using them more times later.

Unfortunately, as of 12/02/2014, I don’t have a live demonstration for this theme in particular.Opaque Mine