Power Up Drill Boy!

Power Up Drill Boy was my Honours project for my last year studying Interaction Design at DJCAD. Drill Boy is a nostalgic 3D platformer built in Unity and, as far as I’m aware, the first game to be shown at the DJCAD Degree Show.

Drill Boy so far has been a collaboration between me and Connor Baxter, a 3D artist working from Aberdeen. So far I have been working on the Programming side, while Connor has focused on the Art, with both of us working on the game’s design.

The core focus of Drill Boy so far has been to not only create a game but to do so while taking inputs from people that have grown up with similar games. This allows us to filter things that we need from things we don’t and get more focus out of our design methodology.

As previously mentioned, Drill Boy was shown at the DJCAD degree show, where it received some attention from the local press and is going to be shown at New Designers in London during the first few days of July 2018.

If you would like to know more I have compiled all of the research done into a easy to browse site and have also blogged about its development for the past months.

Research & Devblog