Week 1: Exploring

This blog is going to contain a week by week (or close) progress for my work on my 4th year project for DJCAD. I’ll try to keep it as updated as possible as I go along.

It is a bit early at the time of writing this to start working on my fourth year project (it’s the 16th of April 2017) but I thought that since I don’t really have any other important projects I’m currently working on, I might as well get a head start on my final project.

I haven’t really looked into anything in particular so far, however I am very partial to try and make some kind of game. I’ve been wanting to break into the gaming industry for a while and it would seem like a waste to throw away a year I can fully dedicate to one project for something else. Only problem with this is that I don’t think any of the lecturers would really care that much about a game, people usually just make apps or interactive products for their fourth year.

We’ll see.