Week 22: The basics 3

As you can probably imagine, Jumping is also essential to 3D platforming. While making a character jump isn’t very hard by itself, there are many things that need to be considered while implementing this.

First of all, the player must be able to marginally control the direction of the jump after pushing the button. This was shown to particularly help with the gameplay as users wouldn’t need to do 100% precise jumps every time. After jumping, by moving the movement stick, the character can inch closer to the direction it is pointed in.

Also important to mention is that the jump needs to depend on how long the jump button is being pressed for. This is extremely important because if the character always jumped with the same strength it would be extremely easy to miss many jumps. At the moment, if the player stops holding the input button while they are performing a jump, the jumping arc will be cut short.

Lastly, the camera behavior also had to be changed. As you might notice from the video itself, when jumping, the camera does not follow the character in the air. This was deliberate, as early testing showed that having the camera move so much in the Y coordinate with each jump was jarring and some players complained about it. Now the camera always stays where the character would land unless the character moves up or down too much.