Week 38: How digging actually works

I just now realise that in the last blog I explained the problems and showed how digging looks but I did not talk about how it works for the player.

Essentially the player can dig in certain predefined areas set by me. From my point of view these are simple box triggers (the green square in the picture below):

However for the player once the game is more finished, will be identifiable by a different colored texture on the ground.

When the character is inside one of these big boxes, a few things happen under the hood. Switches are toggles and the digging functions are made available to the player. To actually burrow underground the player has a few different choices, however only one is available as of writing this.

While the character is crouching the dedicated drill button needs to be pressed. Once that is done the character will automatically transition in digging mode. In digging mode the player does not move around as he would normally but rather needs to “rev up” the character’s drill.

Essentially, the faster the player presses the button, the faster the character will go in game. The reason why the movement works this way is very simple. Player testing showed that having the user more involved in the control of the character simply made the interaction more fun than just holding a button down. When the player has to do some more work to have fun, interactions before meaningful.